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DirectNet Drive allows to access your remote files stored on FTP/SFTP and WebDAV servers just as if they are located on your local PC.

With DirectNet Drive you can use the remote storage as a local drive: drag-n-drop the files in Windows Explorer, watch videos and play music in your favorite media player just directly from the FTP site.

You need no additional software to access the files located on drive. Use the regular programs that worked for local files. If you want to edit some Microsoft Word document on the remote drive - just double click it, make changes and press the save button. You don't have to save a local copy and worry about upload. Use DirectNet Drive as a generic FTP client for Windows (or WebDAV/SFTP client for Windows) with useful additional features.

Download DirectNet Drive (Latest version: 1.2.5)
DirectNet Drive is free for home use.

Supports 32 and 64 bit (x86-64) versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2.

DirectNet Drive Features:
Remote storage is visible as a local hard disk to applications
DirectNet Drive fully emulates local disk behavior for the mounted sites. It allows any software to use the contents of the remote storage. With DirectNet Drive you can have local FTP drive, WebDAV drive or SFTP drive.
Manage files and folders using Windows Explorer
You can use all the functionality of Windows Explorer: drag-n-drop, cut-copy-paste, pictures preview, file type icons etc. Search for files using standart Windows search. If you prefer any other file manager (such as Windows Commander) it also works flawlessly.
It is also possible to run executables directly from the mounted drive.
Play video and music in your favorite player
Because DirectNet Drive allows random access all the media can be navigated to any position in time.
Connect at Windows startup
DirectNet Drive starts with Windows and connects to sites you have selected before. Start playing with your data just after Windows starts! You can mount as many drives as you want. Setup site autoconnect with one click only.
Supports FTP, WebDAV, SFTP protocols and their secure versions
FTP active/passive, FTP over SSL, WebDAV/SSL etc. Proxy options are also available.
Monitor network activity and get informed if network errors occur
DirectNet Drive shows popups above tray area about every network operation performed. You can disable it if you don't need it. In case of network error it is possible to silently retry operation. This works well for unstable network.
Use DOS commands
DirectNet Drive provides full emulation layer to Windows kernel thus allowing use of all the DOS commands: dir, move, copy, xcopy, comp etc. Windows treats mounted drive as generic local FTP disk, WebDAV disk or SFTP disk.

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