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DirectNet Drive is a generic SFTP client and has a full support of SFTP protocol. It allows a user to map a drive letter to any SFTP site. Open, view and modify remote files and folders just like they are located on your local PC. You can use Windows Explorer to perform cut-copy-paste operations, explore folders tree, drag and drop files between the remote SFTP site and your local PC.

Watch movies and listen to music directly from the SFTP resource. Enjoy playing movies using your favourite media player. No need time to wait until the movie is downloaded first!

Download DirectNet Drive (Latest version: 1.2.5)
DirectNet Drive is free for home use.

SFTP specific features supported by DirectNet Drive:
dot Supports HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy connection
You can specify user/password for proxy server if it requires for authentication.
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